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    Kgalagadi, Botswana

  • © Nicolai Rossen
    Mikkel Legarth, Sirga the lioness & Valentin Gruener

  • © Fabian Gieske

  • © Fabian Gieske

  • © Fabian Gieske

Modisa Wildlife Project

2 - 12 weeks / Contact us for prices
  • About

    Modisa Wildlife Project was founded in 2010 by Mikkel Legarth, from Denmark, and Valentin Gruener, from Germany.

    Modisa is closed while a new camp is being built near the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, southwest of Botswana. At the new camp, you will experience what it means to truly live in the wilderness. The wildlife and scenery in this area is astonishing -- home to lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, countless antelopes and colonies of meercats, among others. A part of the Modisa camp will act as a permanent research base, where you will be involved in scientific work as an educational part of your stay. Our top priority is the conservation, protection and full understanding of the ecosystem.

    From a safe distance you will also get to see our lioness, Sirga, who is currently featured in the award-winning series, "Saving Sirga: Journey into the Heart of a Lion," available on Netflix.

    If you dream of experiencing life in the wilderness and learning about African wildlife then Modisa is the place for you!

    Modisa is not open for bookings yet, but you can sign up to our newsletter to receive information about the programme and prices as soon as they’re available.

  • Activities

    Our aim is to give you a once in a lifetime experience in one of the world’s most remote areas. You will be surrounded by Africa’s stunning wildlife while actively contributing to wildlife conservation efforts as well as learning about nature conservation & species protection in southern Africa.

    Your time at Modisa Wildlife Project you will get to experience the following:

    • Awareness sessions about the eco-system, wildlife management & species specific conservation and poaching are some of the topics you'll be introduced to. 
    • Observation drives to monitor the wildlife movements and health of the animals in the area.
    • Special species monitoring of species such as leopard or cheetah to identify individuals, their behaviour etc.
    • Bush walks where you will learn about the smaller things in the area such as vegetation, tracks, insects, birds nests etc. 
    • Fence & waterhole maintenance is vital and therefore you will get to assist with the cleaning and upkeep of the waterholes and fences. 
    • Sirga the lioness: You will get to meet Sirga, but please note that nobody apart from Valentin Gruener will have any physical interaction.
    • Horses & Camels: You will most likely meet and spend time with our horses and camels - or maybe even go for a quick ride (if time and their mood allows it). 
    • Research data collection: Our partners who are in charge of the scientific projects we are involved with are Dr. Thoralf Meyer and Dr. Kelley Crews-Meyer. They always have certain projects that you can assist with, but please note that these projects differ from time to time depending on what is needed.  
    • Campfire & stargazing
    • Sundowner drives to the sand dunes
  • Location

    Botswana is one of the world’s least populated countries and we are located in one of the least populated areas in this country - therefore you will be staying in a very remote location.

    The Kgalagadi Tranfrontier Park is not only the continent’s first "peace park" as roughly one third of it stretches across the border on the South African side and managed a single ecological unit, since 2005 it is also considered one of the few lion strongholds left in Africa. 

    The entire area is largely covered with desert grasses and acacia trees and the topography is made up of sand dunes with occasional pan areas. Due to the location there is next to no air traffic in the area, even a passenger jet at cruising altitude is a very rare sight as we are not located under any of the major routes for overseas flights.

    The night sky is one of the most spectacular the world has to offer due to clean air, no light pollution and very few cloudy days in the year.

  • Facilities

    At Modisa Wildlife Project, you will be staying in tented accommodation, which will give you a very authentic feeling but with plenty of comfort. All bedding is supplied including warm extra blankets in the colder months. Tents may have to be shared with other guests depending on how many people we are.

    • Power
      The camp is running on solar power and during the night the power supply is very limited. You are welcome to charge your camera, laptops etc during the day. It is not possible to use hair dryers, straightening irons etc.
      • Laundry

        Laundry is done by hand. We provide washing basins, soap and washing line - and don't worry, your clothes will dry quickly in the sun. 

      • Food & Drinks

        The group is in charge of the food preparation and cooking and usually people rotate the different tasks involved with the cooking and cleaning. The staff and managers are there to help you with catering and supplies. We can cater for vegetarians, but unfortunately we are unable to get sufficient supplies to cater for a vegan diet. If you have any food allergies or any other important medical condition please let you know before your stay with us.

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We work with volunteer projects that offer meaningful learning experiences and the space to experience the remarkable wildlife you’ll be supporting. Most projects only take between 10 and 20 volunteers, so the earlier we start planning your trip, the better. The best time to start making arrangements is six to eight months before your planned departure date – especially if you want to volunteer during peak seasons, including around school holidays.

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    Modisa Wildlife Project was founded in 2010 by Mikkel Legarth, from Denmark, and Valentin Gruener, from Germany.

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