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Embark on our curated safaris in the wilderness, where every detail is meticulously tailored to create extraordinary memories.

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wildlife conservation

Dive into hands-on wildlife conservation, sharpen your wildlife photography skills or master the art of field guiding.

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Founded by Mikkel Legarth from Denmark, also the co-founder of Modisa Wildlife Project, a wildlife conservation project in Botswana, Lost Adventures combine years of experience on the African continent and exclusive access to elite networks.

This unique expertise empowers us to offer the most extraordinary and one-of-a-kind wilderness adventures. Whether you're seeking to explore a luxury safari, engage in meaningful wildlife conservation, or sharpen your wildlife photography skills, we meticulously plan every detail to ensure an impeccable experience in the wilderness.

Selected Favorites

Lost in Wonders

"At Lost Adventures, we believe the most incredible stories unfold when we step into the unknown. Our name captures the essence of exploration – it's about venturing into the heart of the wild to discover moments that touch your soul. Nature's beauty invites us to 'lose' ourselves in wonder, and we respond by crafting bespoke journeys that awaken a profound sense of connection with nature and wildlife. 

Whether it's basking in luxury on our
bespoke safaris, getting hands-on with wildlife conservation, or mastering the art of field guiding, every experience is a chapter in captivating tales of our world and your own. Embrace the exhilaration of being 'lost' in the adventure of a lifetime and be inspired by the story of how our journey began, with a leopard named Lost."

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