1. When ordering a programme/itinerary with Lost Adventures, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Your agreement with Lost Adventures is subject to the following:
  2. Programme/itinerary Confirmation
  3. Programme/itinerary Details
  4. Lost Adventures – Terms and Conditions
  5. Your booking
  6. The services covered by the programmes are specified in the Programme/itinerary Details for each programme on the website.


  1. A strictly non-refundable 25% administration fee deposit of the programme fee/itinerary must be paid upon acceptance to the programme/itinerary and in any event not later than 8 days after booking. The Administration Fee is strictly non-refundable.
  2. For itineraries less than 10,000 EUR, a full payment will be invoiced. Cancellation and Changes policy apply, cf. clause 3.1, unless stated otherwise on the invoice.
  3. The Programme Fee/ Itinerary must be paid no later than 90 days prior to your arrival. If the reservation is made 90 days or fewer before your arrival date, the full Programme Fee/Itinerary must be paid immediately upon receiving the invoice.
  4. The invoice should be paid within 14 days from the invoice date unless specified otherwise. If the invoice has not been paid on time, Lost Adventures reserves the right to cancel the project placement/itinerary. The deposit will not be refunded and cannot be reused for any programme/itinerary.
  5. Lost Adventures reserves the right to cancel a programme/itinerary entirely. You may choose a full refund of monies paid or choose another programme/itinerary Lost Adventures is able to offer. No further liability by Lost Adventures to you with regard to the cancellation will arise.
  6. Travel arrangements such as airfare and other costs should not be made before you have received confirmation of your placement/itinerary.


  1. In case of a cancellation, the following cancellation charge applies (unless specified otherwise on the invoice):
    Cancellations until 91 days prior to arrival: 25% charge
    Cancellations between 61 - 90 days prior arrival: 50% charge

    Cancellations within 60 – 31 days prior to arrival: 75% charge
    Cancellations within less than 30 days prior to arrival: 100%
  1. The 25% deposit is strictly non-refundable, cf. clause 2.1
  2. Bank fee’s and an administration fee of 200 EUR per person for volunteer projects and 300 EUR per person for safaris will be added to the cancellation charge when cancelling a volunteer placement or a safari. Additional charges from lodges/projects may apply and added to the cancellation charge.
  3. Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners will in no event refund or reimburse airplane tickets or any other costs. We recommend that you make your travel arrangements flexible or changeable and subject to a cancellation clause or cancellation insurance or similar. Lost Adventures does not offer cancellation insurance. Please apply with your personal insurance company for such insurance.
  4. In certain situations, when agreed upon by all parties and when available, Lost Adventures may consider granting a change of arrival date for an administration fee of 200 EUR per person for volunteer projects and 300 EUR per person for safaris. Additional charges from lodges/projects due to season change etc. may apply and added to the administration fee.
  5. In the unlikely event that Lost Adventures cancels your placement due to circumstances beyond Lost Adventures’ control, you will, if possible, be offered an alternative placement. If this is not acceptable to you, both your Programme Fee and your deposit will be refunded.
  6. If your placement is terminated by the project during your placement due to circumstances beyond the project’s control and alternative arrangements are not acceptable to you, a proportionate part of the Programme Fee from the date your placements is terminated will be refunded. The deposit is non-refundable.
  7. If the project/safari guide terminates your placement/safari as a result of an infringement of the project’s/safari company’s Code of Conduct, you will not be entitled to claim any refund.
  8. If you terminate your placement/itinerary at any time during your stay, you will not be entitled to claim any refund.
  9. You will not be entitled to claim any other costs applicable to your placement/itinerary, and/or any charges related to a change in travel plans. All travel expenses are for your account.
  10. The project/safari operator is entitled to make reasonable changes to the programme/safari without any reimbursement.
  11. Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners do not accept any liability arising out of changes to itineraries or any other matters relating to a project due to factors outside its control. These factors include wars, pandemics, strikes, weather, political disputes, border closures, delayed flights, etc. Any expenses incurred by you because of these changes are for your own account.


  1. All information provided by you must be accurate and adequate. You warrant that your passport and visa are valid for your entire stay at the project.
  2. Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners will not be held liable for any additional expenses incurred as a result of your placement/itinerary, such as, but not limited to, vaccinations, healthcare expenses, visas and non-refundable flights.
  3. Your travel to the pick-up point specified by your programme/itinerary is entirely at your own risk and expense. You must be at the pick-up point at the agreed-upon time. Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners will not be held liable for any costs due to late arrival at the pick-up point.
  4. Travel insurance is a pre-requisite for your placement/safari and should include a cancellation clause and adequate coverage for baggage, medical expenses, the cost of repatriation. The Danish Public Healthcare system does not cover medical treatment outside Europe.
  5. Should you not have adequate coverage prior to the commencement of your placement/safari, you may not be allowed to continue at the project/safari and will have no right to a refund.
  6. Any claims concerning matters for which you are insured must be directed to your insurers.
  7. You may be required to sign an agreement that the project/safari company has the right to claim from your insurance for any expenses that the project may incur on your behalf.
  8. Any information provided by Lost Adventures, for instance regarding visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, etc., is given in good faith. Lost Adventures cannot be held responsible for the obtaining of visas and the travel documentation required for your placement/itinerary unless otherwise agreed upon and confirmed in writing as part of our service agreement to you.
  9. Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise the potential hazards that may arise in this kind of travel, including injury, disease, loss of or damage of property and inconvenience or discomfort. Please allow for flexibility your travel plans. Changes to an itinerary may be caused by circumstances beyond our control. No refunds will be issued on services not utilized.
  10. You acknowledge that the services and accommodations arranged by the project, whether in civilized or remote areas reachable by plane, vehicle, train, boat, horse or other conveyance or by foot, contain inherent risks of injury, illness, death or loss and damage to property which may be caused by forces of nature, accidents, wild animals, negligence of others and other causes known or unknown. You acknowledge that adequate medical services and facilities may not at all times during your stay be readily available. You expressly assume any and all risks with respect to the programme/itinerary and you agree not to sue Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners on account of any losses, claims, costs, liabilities or damages.
  11. When booking your flights, you might consider booking a changeable or flexible return ticket. If circumstances arise which lead to extra expenses, e.g. because you have purchased a non-changeable or non-flexible ticket, Lost Adventures and its affiliated projects/partners cannot be held responsible for the expenses.
  12. Any complaints must be filed in writing not later than 4 weeks after the end of the programme/itinerary.


  1. All disputes between you and Lost Adventures shall be decided according to Danish law.
  2. Lawsuits against Lost Adventures may exclusively be filed at the Copenhagen District Court.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 1 August 2018.