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Lost Adventures is a travel agency and was founded by Mikkel Legarth from Denmark, with the mission providing immersive and unforgettable wilderness experiences that connect travelers with Africa's natural beauty and diverse cultures while also supporting wildlife conservation efforts.


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Introducing Lost Adventures

Imagine starting a journey to become a pilot and ending up in the African wilderness. This is the story of Mikkel, whose life-changing encounter with a leopard named Lost in Namibia in 2008 led him from the skies to the savannah. Driven by a newfound passion, he co-founded the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana with Valentin Gruner in 2010, embarking on a mission to protect Botswana’s majestic wildlife and foster understanding between humans and animals through collaboration with researchers. Their heartwarming success, embodied by Sirga the lioness, has captivated hearts globally. 

In 2018, Mikkel channeled this spirit of adventure and dedication to conservation into founding Lost Adventures. At Lost Adventures, we offer more than safaris; we offer journeys into the heart of Africa’s wilderness. Named after the leopard that redirected Mikkel’s path, Lost Adventures crafts unique experiences - from bespoke safaris to hands-on conservation projects and team-building excursions for companies.

Each adventure with us is not just a trip, but a step into a world of extraordinary experiences where you can immerse in nature’s wonders and play a part in preserving it. 

Join us at Lost Adventures for a journey that transcends the ordinary. Here, every trip is a chapter in the grand story of wildlife conservation, personal growth, and unforgettable memories.

Our mission

At Lost Adventures, our mission is to provide transformative and conscious safari experiences that deepen connections with the natural world. We strive to inspire and educate our guests about wildlife conservation while offering unique, personalised adventures in Africa's most breathtaking landscapes.

Our commitment is to offer journeys that not only showcase the beauty and diversity of African wilderness but also actively contribute to its preservation.

Through our bespoke safaris, hands-on conservation projects, and corporate team-building programs, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and advocacy for nature, while delivering unforgettable experiences that resonate far beyond the journey.


At Lost Adventures, ensuring your safety and well-being is at the forefront of our mission as we guide you through Africa's breathtaking wilderness. Our team is dedicated to your care, available 24/7 to support any needs or concerns throughout your journey. 

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by proactively monitoring the latest developments across Africa, including close scrutiny of travel advisories from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This diligent approach ensures we can keep you well-informed and secure in your travels. 

Our selection of industry partners reflects our high standards for safety and enjoyment. Each partner is meticulously vetted for their in-depth local knowledge, robust safety protocols, and proven track record in delivering secure, enriching travel experiences. 

In collaboration with these trusted partners, we ensure that comprehensive risk management and crisis response strategies are firmly in place. This partnership enables us to swiftly and effectively handle any challenges that may arise, providing you with peace of mind. 

At Lost Adventures, we believe that a secure journey is essential to a truly extraordinary travel experience. By combining our vigilant safety measures with our partners' expertise, we aim to offer you an adventure that is not just memorable, but also imbued with the confidence and comfort you need to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Africa without worry.

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Mikkel Legarth

Ejer af Lost Adventures
Co-founder af Modisa Wildlife Project

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A once in a lifetime experience!!

”Lost Adventures and Mikkel helped us book the most amazing trip to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. (..) Mikkel has a lot of knowledge of different countries in Africa and which places to visit. He also gave us support right from the beginning and was very helpful with all the questions we had. He stood by on mail, sms, phone call and video conference. (…) We have made memories for a lifetime, and we will surely book other Africa trips with Mikkel.”

The trip of a lifetime!

”Mikkel and Lost Adventures made true my dream of solo traveling in Africa!
I spent the most amazing two weeks in Botswana and Zimbabwe. (…) The whole trip exceeded all my expectations, and I will always be grateful for Mikkel’s help and engagement. He has a lot of knowledge about many different places in Africa and has an innate talent to find the perfect places that suit his clients. He was always available for questions during the planning of the trip as well as while I was traveling.

I strongly recommend Mikkel and Lost Adventures! He will make your dreams come true!”

Amazing african safari

”Me and my grandfather were on a 9-day safari which exceeded our expectations. (…) We heard lions, hyenas, and hippos calling close to our tent, and even one night an elephant passed by. The chef was amazing and made the most amazing food under the circumstances of living in the bush. We saw a big diversity of animals all the way from crocodiles to cheetahs and leopards, and their behavior was extraordinary to look at. We can't thank Mikkel enough for planning this trip well through and being available to assist us 24/7!”

The best family safari experience

”Lost Adventures arranged a 7-day family safari for me and my two kids (age 11 and 17) in Tanzania. The program was set up perfectly! We stayed at different lodges and camps, with the nicest people and excellent accomodations. Our guide was the best! Everyday he delivered animal experiences that exceeded our expectations, and we got to see the big five - and all the other animals we had hoped for, like giraffes and huge herds of wilderbeasts and zebras. This was an experience of a lifetime!”

Mikkel Legarth
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